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          Company profile

          Factory display

          Certificate of honor

          R & D Center

          Production workshop

          Corporate culture

          corporate culture

          Enterprise culture is the enterprise in the production and operation of the implementation, and gradually formed as recognized by all employees to accept and abide by the, he is the enterprise top management according to their own special integrated refining give self positioning and discipline staff code of conduct quantitative assessment of the basis is formulated to guide the work of the enterprise, smooth, and sustainable development of the important content, also is the enterprise group to the transformation of the ultimate goal. Enterprise culture is an important part of enterprise management, through the strengthening of enterprise culture construction, establish a good corporate image, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and brand influence.

          Location culture

          The company belongs to all the strength of the brand, does not belong to a person, and finally will go to the joint stock system, we must be loyal to him, love him, contribute to the strength. And every one of two minds, will be eliminated by the card.

          Ideological and spiritual culture

          Serious study, self-discipline, clear responsibilities, strict control, to help the church, mutual supervision, to eliminate hidden dangers, I am wrong with me.

          Management culture

          Service standardization, legal system, technical information, management science, system team, network integration, talent Almighty, brand profit.

          Service consciousness culture

          Sincere, active, professional, efficient, full range, human nature is our basic services.

          Products and services

          Company is mainly engaged in automotive, marine, industrial use, such as lubricating oil, grease production and sales, products involved in 12 categories of 400 varieties.

          Working criterion

          Before I go to work, I should think.

          What am I going to do today? Work yesterday, ask yourself today. Yesterday, the legacy of the matter as soon as possible to do the right thing to do; do not deal with the problem due diligence as soon as possible to deal with; arranged on the day of the work plan and strive to do the right thing to do.

          I should do it at work.

          What am I to do? Clear their job responsibilities, work hard to fulfill their duties, arrange a good time, do a good job right, do not give the leadership and colleagues trouble, drag, do honest and trustworthy force brand people.

          After work, I should ask

          What should I do? Not done on the day of the thing did not handle the problems I have a profound reflection; is my own work ability, working methods and management? I have summed up the improvement, truthfully report the request for help.

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