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          If you have a wealth of experience in the oil industry;
          If the oil industry has a profound insight and understanding;
          If you want to choose a more challenging opportunity and return,
          - please contact us!

          Lipai Petrochemical will provide you with a more superior platform to help you climb the career peak!

          銷售工程師 Release time:2016-06-24 15:54:59 a monthly salary: 7000+ The number of: 2人 View details
          銷售區域經理 Release time:2016-06-24 15:54:45 a monthly salary: 5000+ The number of: 不限 View details
          市場專員 Release time:2016-06-24 09:32:57 a monthly salary: 3000+ The number of: 5人 View details
          客服專員 Release time:2016-02-23 16:01:28 a monthly salary: 3000 The number of: 3人 View details
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