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          Shandong lipai Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. will be adhering to the "for clients throughout the world provide clean energy" of the enterprise mission, adhering to the "Rio modern science and technology, make you safe ride" of the enterprise purpose,
          relying on the advantage of the brand company to provide world-class lubrication products, first-class service and first-class solutions for you.

          Lipai oil, invite dealers to join!

          Our advantage

          Joining condition

          Add step

          Promotion support

          Advocacy support

          1、Must be an enterprise legal person, individual industrial and commercial household or natural person who can independently bear civil liability;

          2、Must have a certain financial strength, have a fixed business premises and good storage capacity;

          3、Have a good business credit and professional ethics, in the oil industry has a certain social resources, and have a certain sales network and channels;

          4、Have the corresponding product sales and service personnel, can implement the company's sales policy, can cooperate with the company to carry out marketing activities;

          5、With professionalism and good sense of service, in the case of customer requirements, dealers have to do a good job of all kinds of customer service for local customers;

          6、Has a strong learning ability, voluntary participation in corporate training and other activities, is willing to work together with the development of the licensing.

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